The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around

VaporBrothers Herbal Vaporizer Just Arrived

It's finally here, I got it. I have been waiting all week for it to arrive and it just got here today on Friday, just in time for the weekend!. I ordered my VaporBrothers vaporizer from my go to online shop VaporNation. The headshop down the street kept promising they were coming in but never did so I finally caved and ordered it online. Grasscity has some good vapes too as does VapoShop if you find yourself on the other side of the pond.

Back the VaporBrothers, its the new hands free model but what really sold me on it is the all-new pure mineral ceramic heating element. It came with a EZ change hands free whip, one handpiece, one mouthpiece, one organic blend sample, one bamboo pick, clear AromaBulb and a essential oil sample (which was quickly discarded lol).


So my quick review (after only one vape session) is that its a great looking vape. The price of about $180.00 over tremendous value. They also provide a LIFETIME warranty so you know the thing is going to work and work well. The flavor of the vapor is wonderful, some of the cleanest most flavorful hits I have enjoyed so far. It really stretches your herbs, I got super vaped off of .5 and it last all morning long. So the way I see it this thing will be making me money after a few months of use. Thanks again for reading and leave any questions or comments you might have below.

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