The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around

SSV + Da Buddha + LSV = The Holy Trinity

What do these three vaporizers have in common? We all know they are wonderful vapes, but what some people didn't know is that they are all made by 7th Floor. That pretty much explains sums up while all three of the vaporizers are some of the most popular on the market today. My personal favorite is the LSV (Life Saber Vaporizer), I consider it a portable vape although it does need to be plugged in. Heats up super fast, it is incredibly durable and also is blast to play around with.

My second favorite of the three vaporizers made by 7th Floor is the SSV (Silver Surfer Vaporizer) because of its long lasting and dependable vapor production. The SSV can stand the test of time and is a must have for any serious vaporist.

The third is of course the Da Buddha, now don't get me wrong it is still a great vaporizer. Just if I had to put the three in order (and I didn't) that's the order I would put them. The Da Buddha is slightly cheaper but comes pretty close in production when compared to the SSV. The main difference is the angle of the heating element and I find the SSV to be much more convenient.

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