The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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Palm Portable Vaporizer is Meh...

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Just got my hands on one and tried it for the first time. When I first saw it I thought that it looked cool, it is obviously very small and perfect for sneaking a puff on the go but the real question was "Can it vape". Since it is smaller and powered by a single re-chargeable battery the obvious comparison is to the MFLB. Since the Magic Flight is one of my favorite vaporizers the Palm 2.0 (the newer model, not the original) it had a tough task at hand. Like I said before, I do like the way it looks but it needs to be able to hit and hit hard like the MFLB.

Unfortunately this just was not the case. I was able to experience some decent vapor but overall I just left feeling unsatisfied. On top of that the freshly charged batteries began to drain relatively quickly, we vaped a few loads and began to notice diminishing returns. That is not say this vape does not have a time or a place, I see it as a sort emergency vape, stashed away in your earthquake kit for when all else fails. But I don't like it as an everyday vape, for now the Magic Flight will remain my walking around vaporizer.


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