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The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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How to properly use the Pax by Ploom herbal vaporizer

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Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Have you been looking for a vaporizer that can easily fit in your pocket? Do you need something that provides you clean and pure vapor? With all these requirements, do you also want a stylish piece? The answer to all your questions is the Pax vaporizer by Ploom.


This is a vaporizer that can easily fit in your pants pocket so it becomes super easy to carry it around and vape anytime at anyplace. It is lightweight and small and can be opened and ready to use in under a minute. This also offers you pure, clean vapor that has amazing flavor and is good for inhalation. In addition to this, the Pax has a very stylish and has a sleek appearance that makes it the perfect choice to take with you anywhere.

Unlike other most other portable vaporizers, Pax is easy to use. All you need to do load the herbal blends that you have and put them into the Pax oven. Next you need to press the mouthpiece that is retractable and see it switch to the "on" position. The indicator light will be green in color when the device is ready to be used. In order to see the temperature buttons, remove the retractable mouthpiece and you can switch between presets.


Temperature and Battery

Optimal vaporization is of utmost importance and the Pax offers three temperature presets. After removing the mouthpiece you will notice the presets that you can choose from- Yellow (370 degree Fahrenheit), Orange (390 degree Fahrenheit) and Red (410 degree Fahrenheit).


There is an internal battery that is made of lithium-ion and is rechargeable. The vaporizer can be completely charged in less than two hours. Once your vape is fully recharged, it offers continuous use for another two hours. There is a charging dock that comes along with the herbal vaporizer and that can be used to charge your vaporizer easily. When Pax is "on", you can shake it to see the battery life that is indicated by different colors- Green (fully charged), Yellow (partially charged) and Red (low battery).

How to prolong its usage?

This device must be cleaned regularly. While the device is "on", mouthpiece should be removed and dipped in warm water. Replace it after drying. For maintenance, there is an alcohol wipe provided. Remove the mouthpiece and use the wipe to clean the device until you push out the oven screen. To clean the herbal vaporizer and all its parts, a cotton swab can be used as it works effectively. Lubricant should be applied every time you clean the your Pax portable herbal vaporizer.


How to use the lubricant?

After opening the lubricant packet, small drops should be placed on the tube of the mouthpiece. One drop should go on the stem of the mouthpiece and the other on the outside of the tube. The packet should be used to smear the lubricant all over the tube as well as the small sliding part. You should then replace the vaporizers mouthpiece into the device and put it in and out a number of times in order to dole out the lubricant evenly on your vaporizer.

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