The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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For the serious vaporizer only: AroMed

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This is a vape for the seasoned connoisseur and not for the casual fan. This is a vaporizer that defines the essence of why we vape, not a plastic wax pen for dabs. This is a vaporizer that allows you to taste the soil your flowers were grown in, not a Chinese knockoff meant to save pennies on the dollar. The AroMed is truly something special and the first hint as to why can be found by it's absolute neglect of physical appearance and complete dedication to performance and pure vapor.


The AroMed looks like it would be much comfortable in a laboratory measuring particle physics than it would be on your coffee table surrounded by rolling papers and candy wrappers. The truth of the matter though is that this machine was was purpose built for one reason only, to make the tastiest vapor you have ever inhaled. AroMed has done something that few others are willing to do, they put function over form, they said "pretty little lights be damned", they asked "who cares what it looks like?", they posed the question directly "does it vape better than your precious, fancy little box?". The AroMed is by almost all accounts among elder vaporists the best desktop vaporizer money can buy. The only problem is getting your hands on one, they are meticulously hand built in Germany by a company called "Research & Experience" a name that once again tells the tale that there are no frill or gimmicks here.

So in a nut shell if you are not a shallow, shops at forever 21, hipster, hello kitty, mustache wearing fair-weather vaporist than this is the vaporize for you!

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