The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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Five things I love about the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer

The first thing that jumped out at me was the multiple heating settings, a lot of vaporizers in this class have a limited ranges of temperatures. The temperature is easy to adjust and a breeze to figure out.

The second thing that I love about my Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is the small and compact design. The Pinnacle Pro can be compared to the Arizer Solo in terms of quality vapor production and battery life. But the Pinnacle Pro is slightly more compact and definitely more discreet.


The third thing that comes to mind when thinking of things to love about the Pinnacle Pro is the Glass Hyrdo tube attachment. While this will set you back a few extra dollars it is a must have in my opinion. The video below shows the Glass Hydro tube in action although it is attached to a different model of the Pinnacle.

The fourth reason is an easy one, the ceramic heating element. It heats up super fast and packs a punch. Most portable vaporizers are not capable of producing this kind of power. This is one of the main things that separates this portable vape from the rest.


The fifth reason (and yes there are plenty more) that I love my Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is how easy it is to clean. Some vapes get gunked up overtime and become nearly useless. The begin to deliver bad tasting vapor and becoming harder and harder to draw from. With Pinnacle Pro this will never be an issue, its incredibly easy to clean.

Thanks again for reading and make to let me know in the comments below what vaporizer you want to see reviewed next. Cheers,

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