The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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Delta 9 Vaporizers, Persei and the Omicron

Lets start with Persei pen vape. Its small, lightweight, compact and easy to use. But then again most pen vapes are. This one is a bit more durable than others though and comes with a lifetime warranty, most pen vapes don't. When I purchased my Persei vaporizer it came with a few extra goodies; a single top, a double top, trust fire batteries, battery charger, some cartridges, two aluminum mouthpieces, a fill tool, and a battery adjustment tool which I hadn't seen before. The Persei is made by Delta 9, so you know it is a quality product.

What I like most about the Persei is the "double barrel" two cartridge configuration. It makes for some HUGE hits that will definitely leave you coughing and feeling good. Now its important to remember that this vape only works with oils and concentrates and does vaporizer herbs. So if you have big fan of herbs you are gonna have to find a different Pen. I wrote about the AtmosRx (formally the AtmosRaw) in a different post, so make to check that out if that is what you interested in. I will try and get to the Omicron tomorrow.


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