The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
The Best Vaporizer Reviews Around
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DaVinci Vaporizers and Their Continued Success

Most people dont know a good vape when they see one and that's fine. With so many different styles, designs and functions its hard to tell the good from the bad and the weak from the strong. DaVinci did an amazing job of carving it out its own little space in the vaporizer market. They started with the demand that consumers had for a small portable vape that could vaporizer your herbs without combusting them. While lots of pen vapes may claim to be compatible with herbs that just isn't the case. Any real expert will tell you that pens just don't cut it when it comes to your beloved flowers.

The DaVinci was built with the user in mind and this is the reason they have been so successful. The masses demanded a portable vaporizer that could properly handle herbs and they delivered just that. A few comparable vaporizers to the DaVinci are the Sonic vaporizer and the Pax and the Arizer Solo. The Iolite WiSPR is also comparable but do to being non-electronic and operating on butane I think it is in a separate class. Overall I like the way DaVinci looks and it think it is well priced for the quality of the unit. It also has the option to add an oil can for your waxes and concentrates although I find it to be a bit messy and use my DaVinci exclusively for herbs. A fun fact about the DaVinci is that they look like walkie-talkies, my nephew saw it laying and the table and asked where the other one was so we could play with them.


Overall I rate the DaVinci 8.5 out of 10 dont see a whole lot of glaring issues with it. I would like them to come in more colors and think a longer battery life would useful. But when comparing it to the other vaporizers listed above it is on par. I prefer the styling of the Sonic and the battery life of the Arizer Solo, if they could combine the three we would have a clear cut winner. You can find some more reviews of the DaVinci portable vaporizer here.

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